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“Fashion Is Architechture: It’s a Matter of Proportions” -Coco Chanel February 6, 2009

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     Have you ever been flipping through a magazine and discovered the page of ” What to wear for your body type?”. Many women have trouble dressing themselves for their own body shape, thank goodness for Clinton and Stacy.

     Most women have trouble dressing themselves because they want to think they have a different body shape then they actually do. There are many different shapes and many different forms of those shapes. To dress your body appropriately, you need to be realistic about your shape and size. Trust me, it definitely works better if you take this into account.

     Let’s take into account the shapes of different women’s bodies. There are pear shapes, apple shapes, hourglass shapes, athletic shapes, top heavy, bottom heavy and in betweens.  There are also subcategories in all of these main shapes.



Above: This photo is a picture of many different body types of women.

     The influence of celebrities is also a huge way that women decide what to wear. Many celebrities wear clothes that fit their body shapes well. Celebrities know how to dress their own body shapes, while we just try to look like them. We have to dress our shape, not just wear what’s in style. If you have a heavier top, then you should not wear tiny tank tops that someone with a smaller top would be able to get away with.

     A good hint is to find a celebrity that has the same body shape as you and has similar proportions. Try to resemble the clothing that your celebrity wears. This is where the celebrity influence comes in handy.

     “Highlight the positives and delete the negatives.”  quoted by Donna Karan is an awesome quote to remember when you are trying to put together an outfit. Of course, highlighting the positives will bring out the best of your shape, while deleting the negatives will make the positives look that much better!


Above: The different ideas of men, womens, and the national average on weight and size.

     As we know, different genders have different ideas of the “perfect size”. As women, we are often worried about our appearance. Weight has a huge influence on the way women feel. Our group finds the ideals to be close to what we would come up with ourselves. We were taken offguard that the national average was a size 16.

     Although the sizes and shapes of women are very different, women can all be beautiful. It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, dress to your shape accordingly. Remember, confidence is the best fashion accessory!






2 Responses to ““Fashion Is Architechture: It’s a Matter of Proportions” -Coco Chanel”

  1. blogginforschool Says:

    I feel futures in magazine article writing! This just needs some minor grammar work. Most notably, architecture is misspelled in the TITLE. I like that you’ve included that national average and the commentary at the end to let us know that you are not promoting ridiculous beauty standards. I was a little worried at first…

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