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Wake up with Your Make up…not on your pillow, but on your face! February 9, 2009

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     Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and already have your days makeup on? Most women would reply “yes”.  Most women in America are guilty of spending alot of their time in the morning putting on their makeup. As much as women hate wasting time putting on makeup, the majority would not go to the extreme by getting their makeup tattooed. But there is always the few extreme cases where there is an exception. Statistics on the procedures are not avaliable but there are people that do recieve the permanent makeup.

     Mardel Hervey, a customer that recieved tattooed makeup, responded to the eyeliner tattoos afterwards by saying “Oh no! I look like a hooker!” She then realized that she was also signed up to have her lip liner tattooed as well. And I bet you can guess her response, ” Oh no! I look like the Joker!”. 

     The reason she responded this way was because her skin had reacted to the tattooing part of the process. Her skin was red and irratated, just like a normal tattoo, but her’s was on her eyes and lips. I couldn’t imagine what a lovely site that was.


Above: A before and after example of tattooed eyeliner.

     One of the cons about the permanent make up is what if the fashion of makeup changes? I mean, thank goodness we didn’t have makeup tattooing in the 1980’s. I don’t think permanent blue eyeshadow would be a great idea to have for the rest of your life. Although some artists and customers say the color fade, I think it would just be a horrible idea to have one eyeshadow color the rest of your life.


Above: A woman’s before and after results from tattooed make up.

     So let’s look at the safety side of tattooing your makeup on. The inks and dyes that are used for permanent makeup have NOT been approved for permanent makeup usage. As permanent makeup increases in popularity, the FDA is looking into the actual safety of the procedure. They are most concerned with unsterile equipment that can share infectious disease so it is extremely important to be sure that all equipment is clean and sanitized. It is not easily removed and in some cases may cause discoloration to the skin. Blood donations cannot be made for a year after the tattooing is done.

     As our group thinks over the procedure of tattooing on your makeup, we have come to a conclusion that if tattooing your makeup is for you, then go for it…but you won’t see us with tattooed lips!






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  1. blogginforschool Says:

    Wow! Interesting stuff!!!

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