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The Perfect Smell February 23, 2009

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     Have you ever gone into a store and smelled all the perfumes they had until you found the perfect one? Yes, we all have! Picking out the perfect one for you is very hard! It takes a lot of time until you find the one you want to get. There are so many different kinds of perfumes out there, which makes it even harder. 


     When trying to find the right scent, there are certain steps you can do. The first one is look and see which one sounds good to you. After you have done that look and see what kind of scent it is. For example it may say woodsy or floral.


     Now a great way to save money on perfume is to purchase a sample before buying an actual bottle of it. This gives you an idea of the scent and if you really like it. You can find this a major department stores. This is a great idea if you are one of the “picky” ones.



Vera Wang Perfume


     You can find the perfect perfume just for you in Santa Monica. At Fred Segal they specialize in find that “perfect” scent that is only for you! Shoppers can be assisted by perfumers who have been trained in-house to mix and match the blends just the way you like it, or to select some to be used “as is.” They have a huge variety of fragrances you will be able to choose from. 


     I think it would be very fun to be able to find the perfume that is just for me! I always have so much trouble when I go to a department store and try to find the perfume I like. I normally just give up and leave. Some people may not think its as hard as I do, but I guess I am just really picky. 





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