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Trim, File, and Polish. March 11, 2009

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You have to take care of your fingernails just like you have to take care of everything else, they can break  like your hair, or dry out like your skin.

Nails grow from a “growth plate” located at the base of the nail. During growth they die and the inside of the cells become filled with a hard protein called Kertain. It is the Kertain that makes our nails hard and tough. Nail growth is related to the length of a finger, so the fastest growing nail is the one in the middle, and the nail on the pinky is the slowest growing nail. If you’re right-handed, the nails on that hand will grow faster, and vice versa. Fingernails grow four times as fast as toenails, and they grow the fastest during the day. A special growth area at the base of the nail controls the speed of the fingernails’ growth. From birth to death, fingernails grow constantly at a rate of .oo4 inches each day, or 1.5 inches in a year.


Above: Lee Redmond holds the world record for longest fingernails. 7.51 meters.

Fingernails are not for just growing and looking pretty, they have to be taken care of, if not then things could go wrong. There are many differnt diseases that your fingernails can get f you do not take care of them. Here are a few of different diseases.

Paronychia is an infection of the nail bed caused by bacteria, fungi, and some viruses. People who have their hands in water for extended periods of time may develop this condition, and it is highly contagious.

Koilonychia is usually caused through iron deficiency anemia. The nail becomes very thin and concave.

Pseudomonas is a bacterial infection that can occus between the natural nail plate and the nail bed. Discoloration may occur that is caused by iron compounds. It thrives in moist places and it feeds of the dead tissue and bacteria in the nail plate.The after effects of this infection will cause the nail plate to darken.


Most people never think about the bad stuff. They do not think about the many diseses their fingernails could, have or the diseases you cna get from your fingernails. Everyone should take care of their fingernails by keeping them clean, not bitting or picking at them, apply moisturizer everyday, and eating a balanced diet and taking vitamins. By keeping your nails clean, you are keeping yourself clean.





What Can You Do With Your Hair? March 3, 2009

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If we lived in a perfect world, women would want to be able to wake up every morning and have their hair already done or even have  someone do their hair, but unfortunantly we do not live in a perfect world and women have to wake up every morning and wash and dry and style their own hair, and take it from me, it is not the first thing you want to do when you wake up.

There are differnt textures of hair and different types of hair and the texture and type of your hair also depends on how you can stye your hair and what styles will hold or fall.

Hair texture is measured by the degree of fineness or coarseness of your hair. Hair experts generally agree that there are four major types of hair texture which are Fine, Medium, Coarse and Wiry.

The type of hair you have depends on how you can style it, and there are five different types of hair: Fine, Medium, Coarse,Thick, and Thin.

  • Fine hair is much easier to damage than medium or coarse hair. The biggest problem with fine hair is to gain volume and get hair to hold a style
  • Most people have medium hair.  Medium hair has lots of body and usually holds either a blow-dry shape or any type of hairstyle very well. It has the most styling flexibility of the three hair types. Coarse hair is often dry.
  • Coarse hair is often dry. Coarse hair needs conditioning to keep it under control.
  • Thick hair will look too bushy if cut into a short style. Layer thick your hair since layering adds mobility.


Above: Jessica Simpson with different hair styles.

Aside from different hair textures, types and styles, there are also many different hair colors. Hair colors are different because it does not matter what the texture, type or style of your hair, anyones can color their hair any color.

There are four differnt types of hair color: Permanent, Single Process, Semi-Permanent, and Deposit Only.

  • Permanent is just what it means. This makes a “permanent” change in the pigment of the hair shaft.  It does not wash out. It will fade in time, but cannot be simply removed to “bring back” your natural color.
  • Single Process Color Is The Only Permanent Color That Should Be Attempted By The Amateur!Single process means that the color is lifted and deposited in one step.
  • Semi-Permanent color can cover gray and go darker, but can not lighten. It lasts varying lengths of time depending on the product. Suitable for amateur colorists.
  • Deposit Only color can only “deposit” color into the hair,  there are many varieties on the market for the home user.  These usually condition and color in one step.


Above: Cameron Diaz with different hair colors.

At some point in every womans life, they have wanted to have a different hair color, or at least wondered what they would look like.  The majority of woman have actually colored their hair, sometimes it turns outlooking how they wanted it to look, however,other times it turns out looking not what they expected it to look like.  You may not like everything about your hair, and although there are some things you can’t change about it, there are also things you can change about it.